Monday, July 10, 2006

Little Earthquakes (a.k.a I love Jack!)

This weekend marked two major milestones between me and Jack. The first was our face to face meeting through the miracle that is the internet and the webcam. It was quite an experience, and Jack looks quite cute :-). It was fun, seeing him in real time.

The second was talking to him on the phone. Being the shy person Iam, it made things a bit strange, and there were slight silences throughout the convesation. It was still great though, and I think it helped brought us together better :-)

After my first week at the youth hostel, I'm starting to get settled in and familiar with my new surroundings.

Oh Yeah!!!!!!

The picture above is something I did during Studio Art using the nifty vector art program Illustrator. Since DeviantArt is banned at our school, I've decided to exhibit this piece of art in my blog. Enjoy :-). This one's dedicated to you, Jack.

Monday, June 26, 2006

The weekend...

Despite the fact that my weekend bordered on pure procastionation, it was one of the more exciting weekends i've had in weeks, thanks to a guy named Jack.

We talked on Saturaday, about a wide range of topics, from gay rights to our views on what makes a great argument, agmonst a whole bunch of other things. He's quite interesting (and cute to boot ;-) ).

Apart from my convesation with Jack, it was quite, well, average. I watched Will & Grace, made myself chicken soup with rice (mmmmmmm.........), had ice cream, watched a movie, began to write my play (called Fresh Air), and ate for dinner home-made susuages that nona brought home from the block.